Spybey.net Jukebox

version one

1. SPASM, The Blind Messengers, from Smear.
Sure sounds like Neu! in a maelstrom to me. Improvisation.

2. DVOA, Ralbag, from How Hollow Heart.
Pick of the bunch from this live in the studio, totally improvised cd.

3. DVOA, Castered Carts, original version from Piss Frond.
Early version without Alex Varty's guitar but with more of my backing vocals.

4. DVOA, Vuls, from New Words Machine.
The dependable one. Made from a cheap, borrowed keyboard, a radio, by scratching the outside of a dictaphone box and a harmonica, playing 2 notes. Mixed by Clancy Dennehy. Improvised first takes, with me playing Œagainst' myself. Four tracks only. Portastudio.

5. Propeller, "No man can sing another man's blues." Charles Mingus,
From yet to be released, Argento. Created on a piano. Very much composed. First session using ADAT.

6. DVOA, remix of Faust track Du Weisst Schon, from Freispiel
Oh dear, should I have put this on the jukebox? Sincere apologies if I should not have. One of my favourite all time bands get's a remix treatment with the help of Darryl and Kevin Kane.

7. Mark Spybey and Mick Harris, Dschungel B-216 from Bad Roads, Young Drivers.
Mick's beats are so powerful yet restrained. Massive.

8. DVOA, Madrid Codex, from Hafted Maul.
My favourite track from this first Invisible album. I feel quite proud of this. I particularly like what Mark Pilon did for the sleeve art. Improvised first takes, with me playing Œagainst' myself. 4 track, portastudio. Banjolele. Rhythm clicks recorded from hitting side of broken acoustic guitar.

9. James Plotkin:Mark Spybey, Jute Wheel, from A Peripheral Blur.
The most accomplished truly ambient track that I have been involved with, mainly due to Jim's playing, which is very special.

10. DVOA, Papa Papa Repe Wax, from Shap.
Productive visit to Chicago saw me mix all 21 tracks in a day and a half. I used to be quick.

11. DVOA, Bored of Canada (live), from Frankie Pett
Live improvisation, only ever performed in Germany, 2000. We had a theme and just played with it. Another version recorded earlier in the tour is on the Live cd. I love Darren's keyboards.

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