I have worked with numerous people. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Please view the discography section for further details of recorded works.

I was a member between 1986-1988. I played live with them in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Amsterdam.

I became friends with cEvin, jammed with him and the other guys and recorded/toured between 1995-1997. My last show with them was New Years Eve 1996. cEvin is releasing a number of limited edition cd’s that you should certainly check out.

I was invited to tour with Damo Suzuki’s Network in 1998 with James Plotkin, after which I became a member of Michael Karoli’s new project Sofortkontakt! playing shows with him during the CAN anniversary solo projects tour of 1999 and in 2000. Sadly, Michael passed away in November of 2001. I hope that a recording of our show in London will be released soon. I continue to work with Damo.

my dear friend, Michael Karoli on stage in Vancouver, 1998

Working with Zev Asher was always a joy. It was through Zev that I first worked with Mark Nugent, who later did visuals for Download. I also appeared at a couple of Roughage shows, notably at CISR where we burst a few ear drums and at a small film-house (both in Vancouver) which was subsequently released as a tape.

Flyer for Roughage Show, Vancouver 1997.

Two albums released thus far, the third, Agento awaiting release. I understand it will still see the light of day but if you really want to ask someone who knows, mail:
He is a nice fellow. Incidentally, the only Propeller gig occurred at The Gate in Vancouver, late 1998 (I think) supporting Dieter Moebius and Michael Rother. Alexander Varty joined us on guitar.

It was only a remix but we enjoyed it. Darryl Neudorf, Kevin Kane and I remixed a track from their Ravvivando cd. It has since been released on Klangbad Records under the name: Freispiel.

The greatest pop band. Darryl Neudorf and Sugarpill produced the DVOA album Piss Frond. I appeared on a few tracks from their debut cd, which is available for free download from their web-site:

Not Breathing
Numerous collaborations beginning with the cd, A Fire In The Bronx Zoo. Ongoing and sparkling. A rare genius.

The Torontonians
Gerald Belanger licensed the first DVOA cd for Cleopatra, New Words Machine and has remained involved episodically since, also helping with How Hollow Heart, along with Heike and Chris.

The Real Chicago
Numerous liaisons with the folks from Invisible Records (Pigface,Spasm etc), Eric Pounder, Scott Gibbons, Stephen Collins and The Lab, Kranky Records. A veritable cornucopia of collaborations have spawned from this fair city.

One Off’s, Scribbles and Unfinished Business

Work with Germany’s GVOON 1999-2000 was never dull. A remarkable project that I still do not understand:

The Ambre/Spybey/Harris Threesome series for Hushush was a minimal and calculated stroke of invention. 1999-2000. The reason: Dimitri della Faille. A very lovely guy.

Jean-Yves Theriault worked like a titan on our cd for Ichor. Matt Bailey did too.

A very cute little exhibition in 1999 saw me contribute a miniature piece of art for Mark Pilon’s gallery in Vancouver and a 45 minute loop tape of what became Mouths Like Bailing Twine, that eventually ended up being released on the Hushush cd tribute to the Hafler Trio:

Nick Drake Tribute concert
The two flyers below are from a Nick Drake tribute concert that I did:

Click for larger images

Niels van Hoorn and Mark Spybey Presents de Klaverland Klompen Voetbal Club

The fruit of a two year process of assembly, finally ready to be released on Soleilmoon Records.

I contributed a track for a label out of NYC last year. Can't remember the name and have lost all contact info. The track was by DVOA and was called " Snapper Curtain the Fruit Fly." Anyone seen sight of this?

It has come to my attention that there have been several compilations released featuring some Download and maybe DVOA tracks. To be honest, I can't be bothered to hunt these out. They certainly won't be new tracks and as far as I am concerned, it is cool that they exist. Therefore, they have not been included on this list. However, long ago, Download worked on a tribute track for Genesis P Orridge, covering the TG song United. If anyone knows if this has been released, please e-mail and give details so that I can buy a copy. I have fond memories of recording this track and would like to hear it.

I'm not interested in receiving any. Frankly, I'm not really interested in them period and don't have a strong opinion either way about them. However, if you intend to bootleg, it is only fair that you ask me if it's OK to do so. I am most unlikely to decline a polite offer, unless I suspect that you're going to profit out of it. There is a big difference between dubbing a few copies for trusted mates and ripping off unsuspected members of the public by selling poor quality bootlegs.
I won't feel ripped off, I couldn't care less but the guy who buys it from you will be unhappy. If you don't tell me first and I find out, I will suspect that you didn't want me to know. That wouldn't be very nice of you.

1996 The Tear Garden
To Be An Angel Blind...

Benny's Audio pt2 and 9 (tape)

Martin Atkins and the Chicago Industrial League
An Industrial Christmas
1997 Pigface
A new High in Low

Spybey contributes vocals to track, "Metal Tangerine." An attempt at improvising the words for Strange Fruit, adding one or two references to hacks.

Not Breathing
Starry Wisdom
Not sure what Spybey did, but he did.

cEvin Key
Music for Cats



I Am Spoonbender
Sender Receiver
Spybey contributes, "sounds."

Dopamine Quest
Spybey contributes, "sounds."

Thine Eyes
Knobs Taste Funny.
Doppler Effect
Remix, very much different from original.

Below The Belt
Excellent remix of the above, with lots more words.

Damo Suzuki's Network
Live In Seattle
Spybey and Spoonbender deluxe Dustin Donaldson add noises and whirrs, grunts and door sounds to the second, excellent cd. Also features Michael Karoli and the nucleus of what became his band, Sofortkontakt!

2000 Abintra
Debut cd
Spybey contributes,"sounds."
Whole cd is available for free download from:

The Best of Pigface
Live screeching. A memorable occasion and a lovingly tended album.

If anyone knows of any omissions, please mail us. Memory sometimes putters putters.

Dead Voices on Air

Compilation tracks

(doing) (being) (melding)